Sunday, October 31, 2010

Orange - Images of Fall's signature color

I love the color orange!  It's a color that can define a room, accent other fabrics or add that special pop to an outfit.  It's a bold color that makes a statement in the home in many different rooms.  Orange is earthy and works well with so many other colors.  It can be both classic and modern.  I look outside my window at this time of year and all I see is orange.  From the Maple trees to the Boston Ivy growing on the brick building across the street - it's everywhere! 

I've picked out some of my favorite fabrics as well a few images from Tory Burch's New York City apartment on 5th Ave.  I went to Tory's apartment for a party celebrating one of my good friend's book release and it was a design feast.  Tory is not only an incredibly talented clothing designer, she has a fabulous eye for home decor. 

Tory Burch's gorgeous living room.  Her view of Central Park's Fall leaves are breathtaking

I love this skirted table in blue

China Seas Fabrics

The Best Lamp ever....Christopher Spitzmiller.  A staple for all of our projects

More lovely fabrics

Tory Burch's closet makes me crazy!!!

For me this is happiness...Hermes anything! My husband bought me this watch 10 years ago and the watch band changes each season.  It's incredibly versatile!  I love this Hermes messenger bag for when I go into New York City jamming to see all of my design sources.

A beautiful room by Jeffrey Bilhuber - classic

Love these orange Raoul draperies.  One of Thornton Designs great teenager rooms

This coming week I will be in Los Angeles working with clients and stopping by Suzanne Rheinstien's book party at Hollyhock.   I'll have more on my trip next week

Monday, October 11, 2010

Office Inspiration

Our office is located on a quaint little street off of Greenwich Avenue, on top of the neighborhood bookstore.  (Think Meg Ryan's bookstore in "You've Got Mail") We just took the entire floor and we are now getting ready to decorate the new space. We are working on turning my personal office into something that feels more like home than work!  

This is Thornton Designs...

Here's a fabulous home office that we recently finished.  The walls are done in a pink Venetian plaster and the fabrics are mostly Raoul, area rug by Elizabeth Eakins and the TV/File cabinet was designed by Thornton Designs, note the interior is painted in Farrow and Ball Calamine and fabricated in Raoul.  

I love these offices below

I love the dark cabinetry mixed with task lighting

Elegant and personal

Bright, open and collaborative

Aerin - completely chic at all times

There's something about this space that delights and terrifies at the same time

Our project room uses these Pottery Barn wall units for fabrics... lots of fabrics!

Every office benefits from "inspiration boards"

I love ladders!

This space looks a lot like my assistant's work spaces

 We'll update "It's Everything I Love" as we progress...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Fashion I Love!!!

Fall just makes you want to bring out the big guns!

Shoes/Boots from Christian Louboutin, Montclair ,YSL.....Would complement everyone's closet.

I like to call these THE UNIFORMS.  Perfect!

Topshop, crazy good this year! 

YSL, Chloe, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney.....The dream designers to have hanging in my closet. 


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