Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cycle Chic Greenwich!

My Husband bought me a new bike for Mother's Day so I can ride down to the beach and perhaps to the office.  Naturally for him, an experienced cyclist, buying me a bike involved a lot of research and excitement.  He found Adeline Adeline in Tribeca, founded by Julie Hirschfeld.  She realized there was an opportunity for a new type of bike store that focuses on comfortable, relaxed riding for pleasure with an emphasis on the beautiful European city bikes that women ride in Copenhagen and other bike-centric cities.  The best bike she carries is Pashley Cycles, England's longest established hand built bicycle manufacturer since 1926. 

I had no idea how BIG cycle chic is around the world.  It started in Copenhagen and has branched off with spin off sites in over 40 cities around the world.  

Julie was so nice and helpful

I selected the Pashley Britannia but of course I wanted it in Royal Blue.  Julie has a lot of Pashley's in stock so they built mine exactly the way I wanted it. 

I love the fine details and classic English logo

Brooks Saddles are the traditional choice.  They now come in colors beyond brown and black including orange, red, navy and green leather.

Here's my new Pashley Brittania!  

The maiden ride in Belle Haven

Vogue has picked up cycle chic

Copenhagen - riding a bike is a way of life


Relaxed riding style in Europe.  It's great to carry your bag in the front basket.


London cycle chic

Winter cycle chic with matching coat and basket friend!  Love this!

Adeline Adeline partnered with Kate Spade to produce this Italian bike in this special green.  I love this candid image with several thing I love - bike, pastries, champagne, flowers and little cute dogs!!

A wedding!!  Well done


Celebrity cycle chic with Ellen Page


  1. Adorable! I love your new bike! I think I'm going to ask my hubby to get me one, too! I actually saw a really chic cute bike the other day and pointed it out to him.....and I can use a nice comfy seat, too!

  2. Love this new trend you are sharing with us! I love your bike - and love to see the photos with the European influence!

  3. OK this is the cutest thing ever. I love the Brooks saddle (I wish I had one). Just went on a 20 mile ride this morning. Then I read your post. Can we go on a ride someday?

    Love you (and see you soon)




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