Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shopping for clients in Nantucket

My family started vacationing in Nantucket 15 years ago.  So much to do, so beautiful, such great restaurants and of course I love shopping at all the home stores.  Over the years there are many stores that have come and gone and some that just don't make the cut.  Some stores have incredible antiques and some have excellent accessories and new furniture.  Currently, my firm, Thornton Designs is working on some projects that are now in the finishing stage and I get to do one of my favorite things... Accessorize!


Love storing linens in a gorgeous open cabinet.

A very special store Janis Aldridge

Always something great at RL - but needs desperately a home furnishing department in Nantucket

Nantucket Looms 

I love this lantern

Flowers a must see!

Lynda Willauer has the largest selection of antique EVERYTHING.  I have bought so much from her over the years.  One of the best antique stores on the east coast.

John Rugge  - I love this store


  1. It's like taking a vacation seeing this post....a few years ago we went there during the fall and it was so special...oh I just loved that place, thanks for bring me back

  2. Lee Ann,
    I too have been going to Nantucket since the early 90s and love Trillium, Belongings. We were there for a couple of weeks over the 4th of July and headed back this weekend. Last time I missed this shop, No. 2 ( It's new and run by interior designer, Elizabeth Bauer. It's on my list for this trip. Oh and FYI - my friend just moved to Greenwich this week (from London) and I passed along your info to can contact for more info!



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