Sunday, February 24, 2013

Extra Pictures Of Our House Beautiful Cover House

We loved having one of our projects featured in the March 2013 issue of House Beautiful now on newsstands. The response has been wonderful from clients, prospective clients, our resources from coast to coast, and many of our peer's who are interior designers.  Thank you House Beautiful!! 

The Old Greenwich house is fantastic and I wanted to show some extra photos.  I have to give credit to my terrific clients who have great taste and thank them for trusting our firm to create and oversee the entire design process.

The minute you walk up to the front door you know it's all about charm!  I love great lighting especially lanterns on a front porch or patio.  The wooden planters and boxwood are perfect.

I loved using many of our favorite pieces such as cane, baskets, and grass cloth. Peter Dunham fabric on the custom lamp shade.  

I am always trying to add as much seating to a space as I can so entertaining seems effortless.  The idea was to combine this wide but lonely hallway to the living room by creating a gallery.  By using the living room wall color as the trim color in the gallery it created the connection.  China Sea's fabric on the hallway sofa.  

Casual furniture styles mixed with luxurious fabrics create this timeless and chic living room.  Beachy elements like matchstick blinds, lanterns, seashell trim and lots of blues make this living room feel very approachable. 

The bar area for me was a all about promoting a space that could be very versatile. During the day it's a great spot to catch up on your emails or sit with your with your family and relax.  By night its the perfect entertaining spot for cocktails while you listen to music with friends.  We broke up the room by adding a round table in the center of the room and on the other side (not shown) is the TV area.  Elizabeth Eakins carpet runner on the stairs worked well. 

The Bar! Candles lit, nuts served in the silver bowl, something fun mixed in the cocktail shaker with the backdrop of great music is all you need for a great party!

I love how fresh and warm the bedroom feels in this image! A sitting area is perfect for when your family wants to just hang out with Mom and Dad!

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  1. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to receive my House Beautiful this month with the exquisite cover. I could hardly wait to get inside to see the home. We are in the throes of remodeling a 1913 beach home and the attention to detail in each room of the Old Greenwich house was splendid. Thank you for the GORGEOUS inspiration!!



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