Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nautical Love

With July coming to a close, the summer feels like it is already over! But luckily, in a few weeks I am heading to Nantucket, my all time favorite place!  My family and I have been going every summer now for the past 16 years and it is always the highlight of all of our summers.  As I'm counting down the days waiting to be on island, I can just dream about being there and what makes it so great, all things nautical.  There is nothing better in my opinion than a yard full of hydrangeas, nautical stripes throughout a house, and fun accents of coral and anchors.  These qualities are what make every single inch of Nantucket so magical! 

Main Street in Nantucket aka cozy town! Always have loved this picture. 

Coral is such a great accessory in any room!

Brant Point Lighthouse in Nantucket.  

Anchor doorknob! Wow! 

What a chic bar.  

Steps in Nantucket. 

Chunky stripes make any house have that great nautical feel. 

The Lobster Trap in Nantucket. One of my favorites!  

Classic Nantucket style homes.  These make me crazy happy! 

A rope staircase makes any house feel beachy and cozy! I did these steps in my daughters bedroom.  

Cozy cozy stripes 

So New England, great sailboat painting! 


  1. love Nantucket -- we go every couple of years it may be time to book a new trip!

  2. I'm so envious! ..Nantucket is on our bucket list and I can't wait to go. I just did a nautical post:) So many fun touches and I always enjoy the stripes with navy! Coming over from Relished Roost ~ and following on google!

    I'll look forward to hearing about your trip!




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