Monday, June 17, 2013

Pretty in Pinks

Although I live in a sea of blues and greens, I've always had a passion for pink.  Having three daughters has let me use pink in their rooms growing up in almost every way possible.  But, pink can be used so much more than just in a little girls bedroom.  It makes any setting warmer and more inviting whether it be a family room, kitchen, or office!  What's your favorite room to use pink in? 

 Office we did for a client in Los Angeles.  Pink makes a typically masculine setting more feminine and fun!

We used hot pink instead of a lighter shade to make this client's daughter's bedroom more mature but still very girly.


  1. I love a deep pink when its high gloss, and I am drawn to Georgetown ink Beige by BJM. Love these images!!

  2. Thanks for all the pink. love it and need to incorporate more throughout my house. I have it in my art in living room and lotsa pink in my daughters room. cant get enough of it!



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