Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunday shopping in East Hampton

No visit to East Hampton would be complete without popping into Loaves and Fishes Cook shop and a stop at The Milk Pail Farm.  I love to entertain and when a season like Fall comes along, I know I will be hosting many dinner parties. So getting some new gadgets is always a must! 

I love this rustic country setting.

OK can we talk about china... I collect china and I have started a collection for all of my daughters. I am like a moth to the flame when I see something inspirational.....I mean c'mon these plates look like they came straight from Positano....THEY ARE PLASTIC!!!!!

Holiday cookies are right around the corner. I adore cookie cutters especially copper ones.

The funny thing about Barefoot Contessa products? They are as good as homemade!

Apples, pumpkins, country weekends... I love!

How great are these?

Pull up to the Milk Pail Farm - and there's a great selection of pumpkins.

This grouping just made me happy. I call my three daughters my three little pumpkins...

This one was perfect for me

I plan on filling a large wooden basket with these for my dining room table center piece.

Pumpkins on a flat bed.  My husband wouldn't let me tow them home.

The Milk Pail's pride and joy.  This was the biggest they say in all the the Hamptons this year!

The ladies at The Milk Pail were so helpful and I learned a lot about their history. Their farm dates back to the 1600's.... I left with apples, pears, and few pumpkins. It was an easy decision to come home and make Ina's pear/apple sauce.  Incredible day!


  1. So very glad to see you have started a blog. I love your work. All the way from Brisbane, Australia.

  2. Did you see Ina's friend, Ana, at Loaves & Fishes?? :) I thought it was just a little bakery -- I didn't realize it was a whole beautiful shop! Love those colorful flatware pieces.



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